Introduction to HIRARC

Ø  Principles used in workplace to manage safety and health.
Ø  Section 15 (2)(a) of OSHA 1994which reads “ the provision and maintenance of plants and systems of work  that are,so far as is practicable, safe and without risks to health”  .

We need to know about OSH because

Ø  It is a requirement under the law (OSHA and its Regulations)
Ø  We need to make provisions for securing the safety, health and welfare of our colleagues
Ø  We need to make provisions for protecting our clients against risks to safety or health in connection with our trade and activities It is a requirement under the law (OSHA and its Regulations)

In order for us to achieve the objectives of OSH we need to look intoHIRARC which is the basis of occupational safety and health. HIRARCis a compound word which is made up of three consecutive activities running one after the other. The activities consist of Hazard IndentificationRisk Assessment and Risk Control. Hazard indentification is the recognising of things which may cause injury or harm to a person. Risk assessment is the looking at the possibility of injury or harm occuring to a person if exposed to a hazard. The introduction of measures which will eliminate or reduce the risk of a person being exposed to a harzard is known as Risk control

We need to know about HIRARC because:
·         it is the core business of all OSH personnel, safety committee members, supervisors...etc.
·         it is a DIRECTIVE from the Chief Secretary of the government service to all government departments and agencies through its letter of directive: UPTM 159/267/50 Klt.4 dated 20th of August 2004. 
Before the proccess of identifying any hazards begin, it is necessary to know how to classify what is hazard, risk and danger.
·         Hazard - anything that can cause harm.
·         Risk - a probability of harm actually being done.
·         Danger - the relative exposure to a hazard.

Ø  Planning And Conducting OF HIRARC
Purpose of HIRARC

Ø  The purpose of HIRARC are as follows:-
Ø  A)To identify all the factors that may cause harm to employees and others (the hazards)

Ø  B)To consider what the chances are of that harm actually be falling anyone in thecircumstances of a particular case and the possible severity that could come promit (the risks) and
Ø  C)To enable employers to plan, introduce and monitor preventive measures to ensure that the risks are adequately controlled at all times.

Ø  Planning of HIRARC Activities

Ø  HIRARC activities shall be plan and conducted –
Ø  A)For situation –
Ø  i.where hazard appear to pose signif cant threat;
ii.uncertain whether existing controls are adequate; or/and
iii.before implementing corrective or preventive measures.
Ø  B)By organization intending to continuously improve OSH Management System.
Ø  It should be the duty of the employer to assign a trained personnel to lead a team of employees associated with one particular process or activity to conduct HIRARC

Ø  Process of HIRARC

Ø  Process of HIRARC requires 4 simple steps -
Ø  a. classify work activities;
Ø  b. identify hazard;
Ø  c.conduct risk assessment (analyze and estimate risk from each hazard), bycalculating or estimating -
o   i.likelihood of occurrence, and
o   ii. severity of hazard;
Ø  d.decide if risk is tolerable and apply control measures (if necessary)

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