Its mission is to help employers and employees reduce on the job injuries,illness and deaths.

OSHA also directs national compliance initiatives in occupational safety and health.

History of OSHA

The history of occupational safety and health administration is one of full of diputes,turmoil,and finally triumph.It is one of the goverment organisation with a shaky start.It was instilled on December 29,1970 in order to stop illness,deaths,and work related injuries.The history of OSHA was a messy start before it was created.


hazard:hazardous materials

safety:Away from dangerous materials

near hit:accident,incident,or event that did not happen.

Importance of OSHA in workplace

-the Occupational Safety and Health Act encouraged employer-employee joint efforts in promoting healthful and safe workplaces.

-to those employers who are involved in violations of workspace and health principles,OSHA can participate to enhace workplace safety and health through consultation services the agency offers to employers.

Types of accident:

-chemical exposure

-injuries and illness

Organisation in OSHA

-U.S chemical- safety board:an independant federal agency investigating chemical accidents to protect workers,the public and the environment.

-Niosh- providing National and world leadership to prevent workplace illness and injuries.

Group members:nur syuhada bt yaacob,Nur azreena zahira bt kamaruzaman,siti nor syakirah bt mohd said,nurul syifa bt adnan and maallini doraisingam

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